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Madonna -KOKO (Camden)
Finished Sign for Madonna's Club Concert
At the Camden palace Madonnas Plug concert for her new single release, we did this amazing neon sign centred with a mirror ball. We also did some internal lighting while hanging back stage during the late hours of the night with the crew making sure there were no problems.


Music Television
Finished Bulb Sign for MTV

MTV sign built in 2005 for the tv music show. This bulb sign was made up of 3 different bulb colors and shapes to flash in different sequences to give full effectivness. Built from alluminium frame work for light easy installation and foamex panels with vinyl signwriting this sign was one awesome lookin feature sign, 2nd to none. MTV's heads complimented the sign saying "We never expected it to look anywere as good as it does".
Similar bulb signs as good as this one are for sale on the signbuyer website under the Bulb Signs category.


Selfredges (London)
Queen of Hearts
Shop 'till You Drop
This was without doubt our most glamourous to date Manufacturing 25 of the most highly complicated signs ever created. These windows averaging from £10.000 a window were sponsored by David La Chapelle for a huge advertising campaign. Each window individually made for maximuim effect with no cash spared basis. These signs really are worth the look.

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