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Fenwicks (Bond Street)
Repairing the Fenwicks Neon Sign
A neon repair at Fenwicks Bond Street central london. No repair too small or too big, cherry pickers available for high level repairs. This repair wasdone in the early hours of the morning at 6am. The engineers are elevating up to the sign with the repaired neon.


Gennaros Pizzeria (Italian Restaurant Chain)
Built-up Letter Fascia Sign

This fascia sign designed by our own designers looks fantastic at night. This sign complys from an alluminium extruded 8" deep box and a brushed folded edge stainless steel front panel. The red oval shaped front is made out of zinc sheets cut and soldered into shape with 8" edging then powder coated red and fixed with a 3" gap to the rear to allow the red neon halo effect for maximuim effect.

The lettering consists of 'Gennaros' being mainly of polished stainless steel built up letters with an internal channel for white neon lettering and opal acrylic for illumination.' Pizzeria' applied in white vinyl and non-illuminated. 'ITALIAN CUISINE' and phone number are flat cut polished stainless steel letters. Since this restaurant had its new sign and image it has grown very popular.


Hard Rock Cafe (Piccadilly Circus)
Completed Neon Hard Rock Sign
This very complicated sign made of black spray coated built up alluminium body and letters, is filled with yellow, blue and red neon glass while maximizing the effect with an 8 way flasher to give a burning effect. This sign can be seen from piccadilly circus and looks outstanding at the heart of the west end.

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