Welcome to the Signbuyer Gallery - a chance for us to show off the quality of work produced by us. Here in the gallery you can view some of the varied jobs we've undertaken for such clients as MTV, Hard Rock Cafe and Channel 4. We've included many different types of signage from Neons and Cold Cathode to Bulb Signs and Built-up Letters.

To view the full images click upon the thumbnails. We hope you enjoy looking through some of the examples of our work.


Neon Bill Board Sign For Channel 4 Television
Work in progress at the factory
Installing the sign
The finished sign
Made for the huge advertisement campaign in 2005 of there new adult entertainement channel. This collossal sign was an amazing project to work on and the end result was fantastic. Not only used at the road side in vauxhall it was digitally enhanced for the channel 4 advertisement on tv broadcasting.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005 Tim Burton Movie)
Working on Willy Wonka's Lab
Machines in Willy Wonka's Lab
Neon Tubes in the Sweet Garden

Here at signbuyer we have a huge variety of hire signage and over 50 years of experience to help with any set or location that needs dressing. Having worked on Superman 4, 3 Batman movies, Judge Dredd, Roger Rabbit, Seven, Blade 2 and many other huge movies - we can design and help with any kind of set.

These shots are from within the chocolate laboratory during building of the set. We built all the laser neon tubes and supplied the LED's to the many unusual machines and installed much of the unusual crackle and fading tubes throughout. Working on the movies is very interesting and over the 3 months we was on the charlie set we did 2 months standby making sure everything run smoothly.


Empire DJ
Empire DJ Storefront
Designed by the customer, we copied their design to the 'T' for a perfect finish. This sign was both made and installed by Signbuyers own manufacture and installation team.

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